Learn From Vicki Reece – A Successful US Mom Blogger

Today we are happy to introduce to you one of the most successful mom bloggers from the US – Vicki Reece.

„Vicki Reece (aka Joy of Mom) author designer. I create all I do to inspire and empower moms as we travel thru our most sacred journey…Motherhood“. This is how Vicki introduces herself on her Facebook page, where she has nearly 1 million fans.

We’ve had the chance to interview Vicki and ask her about her experiences. She gives very valuable insight into what is cruital to being successful as a blogger.


1) Vicki, what motivated you to start blogging as a mother in the first place?

I began my career in the field of advertising, but my real goal was always to empower mothers, fathers and children. This was my calling and I knew I needed a platform where I could empower action. Joy of Mom was born in a very organic way of one mom wanting to give the best advice, tips and inspiration. On my site and on my social media channels, I focus on the beauty, joy and magic of motherhood. I look for the simple, small, yet absolutely significant moments that are the most precious moments of being a mom. My joy is capturing the love parents have for their children. I do that daily through inspirational and educational blogs, real world tips and by featuring real moms helping other moms with everyday challenges and issues. I want to make you laugh and cry, plus share what’s proven, safe and true. More than anything, I want readers to savor all of those special moments that pass all too quickly.


2) When and how did you realize that your blog is going to be a great success?

Success was the very first mom who wrote me to say, “Thank you, Vicki. This is me, you always see me on FB and now I’m so happy to be on your blog, too! I cried when I read what you wrote. You put into words exactly what I was feeling in this moment. You do that every time. Like you’re reading my mind and know just what I not just want to hear, but need to. Thank you…” That made me cry. Success to me was reaching one person and making a difference in her life. That was my goal and I’ve expanded upon that goal one mom at a time. I read every comment, and I’m overjoyed when the moms reach out to say that a certain tip made life easier or a certain sentence really put it all in perspective for them. I loved the mom who wrote, “Reading what you wrote made me want to hug my kids a little longer and a little harder.” Of course, I’m thrilled with all the moms and dads who have joined me including over 850,000 on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. The more the merrier (although Joy of Mom always feels and is uber personal). Parenthood really does take a village.


3) What advice can you give to other bloggers in our field?

I’d say to find your true passion because that’s what will appeal to your readers. Your passion will be contagious! Of course, you can blog about an interest or hobby, and I enjoy those blogs, too. However, if you’re truly passionate about a subject matter, if it’s in your blood and in your heart, than there will be no stopping you on your journey to write about it and learn more about it. I’m always learning, interviewing, asking experts including real life moms for the best of the best to offer my readers. I’d also say that you should have a great tech crew. Mine is led by my precious son. And you need a really supportive family as a blog can really consume your time. I’m so lucky that my husband and son are part of Joy of Mom, so we get to enjoy each milestone together.


4) Can you make a living from your blog nowadays?

I do believe that it takes a lot of hard work and long hours to get to that point, but it is possible. Most blogs start small. I think the first thing to work on is the content. Make sure it’s high quality. Social media is key towards building an audience. As you continue to build your business, it is possible to earn money, but it usually takes time to get to that point. Make sure that your blog is a labor of love, so you can take the time to get to the next levels.


Thank you Vicki for taking the time. Your advice is very interesting. We highly appreciate you taking the time to introduce yourself to the German family bloggers.

For all of you who are interested, Vicki has written an awsome book called THE JOY OF MOM – CELEBRATING A MOTHER’S LOVE


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